eZED Projects

Wanaka Passive House

This single level family home is currently under construction. It has been designed to achieve an exceptional level of energy efficiency and comfort that is unparalleled in the region. Once completed it will undergo Passive House Certification as an international benchmark for performance and quality assurance.

Our services included Structural Engineering to ensure thermal bridge free details, hygrothermal analysis services using WUFI to ensure a mould free construction, and isothermal analysis to determine the thermal bridging coefficients at building junctions. Read more on Rafe Maclean’s project diary


IDEAL House Auckland

This private family home in suburban Auckland is due for completion in July 2014. The design brief asked for a highly energy efficient and net zero energy home within a modest budget, whilst maintaining a high level of indoor environmental quality. The home will be Passive House Certified at completion and will also be Homestar rated.

eZED acted as the Passive House consultants for the project as well as providing Structural Engineering services. We will be undertaking the blower door test to ensure the building meets the Passive House airtightness requirements in the near future.

A  project blog can be followed here.


Luggate Straw Bale Home

We have been involved in the design of many straw bale homes in the region but this recent home stands out. The home designed by Jessica and Ben Eyers, is using this simple material in far more innovative ways to allow resources to be rationalised and simple to build on site. Materials for this home are basically being locally sourced or recycled to create a home with a very low embodied energy. Not only that, selections are carefully made to ensure they are non-toxic and do not harm the environment. Straw bale is also highly insulating so the home will have very good thermal performance and comfort.